Discardia is a project of the Bloomington Center for Sustainable Living. We are a non-profit co-operative focused on giving new life to reclaimed materials that would otherwise be discarded. Discardia began as a way to extend the fun of the Bloomington Trashion/Refashion Show, an annual fundraiser for the Center for Sustainable Living, to the rest of the year.

Discardia’s goal is to find new life for textiles and other reusable materials, thus spurring creativity while reducing the flow of these materials to landfills. According to the EPA Office of Solid Waste, textiles account for nearly 6.3% of annual municipal solid waste in an average city, and Americans on average throw away over 68 pounds of clothing and textiles per person per year.

Ultimately, we wish to act as a hub for creative artisans who are already producing items from used materials, as well as encourage others to see the benefit of creative problem solving by way of example and education. We want to imbue not only a sense of community involvement, but also establish a local identity of creative motion for everyone involved.

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